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What is the Rapid Stop Barrier?

The Rapid Stop Barrier is a form of protection for pedestrians and assets. Its portable nature lends itself to event and workzone applications, high risk terrorist areas and can also be used to protect assets such as gas, electricity and fuel.

How do you install Rapid Stop Barriers?

Installation of the Rapid Stop Barrier System is easy! Simply connect each unit on the ground, then bolt them together using the connector plate and bolts.

What colours are the Rapid Stop Barriers available in?

The Rapid Stop Barrier is available in any paint colour. Standard colours are usually galvanised steel, black, white, heritage green, yellow and blue. If there is a specific colour you require, please discuss with your local sales representative who can assist you further in your enquiry. Please Contact us for details.

Is it a crash tested bollard?

Yes. The Rapid Stop Barrier can stop a 2,270kg/5000lbs pickup travelling at 60km/h/35mph (MASH compliant)

How does the Barrier work compared to others?

The Rapid Stop Barrier design has been computer simulated and engineered to withstand the design impacts, then has been proven by full scale crash testing. Other cheaper non-crash tested bollards may not perform as promised.

How far does the bollard move once its hit?

Please see the deflection results for Rapid Stop Barrier on the crash test page of this website

What surface finish do the Units have?

The bollards are hot dip galvanised, then 2 pack painted. A slip resistant paint is also applied to the top surface.

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