Why Rapid Stop Barrier?

The unique Rapid Stop Barrier can stop an errant 2270kg/5000lbs vehicle at 60kmh/35mph, featuring a 20.5mm/.08in wall thickness and a diameter of 150mm/6in. Benefits of choosing the Rapid Stop Barrier include:


Rapid Stop Barrier has been independently crash tested to confirm it can stop a 2270kg (5000lbs) pickup travelling at 60km/h (35mph) at an angle of 90 degrees. For full details refer to NATA test report 21140 01.


Rapid Stop Barrier is unobtrusive, allowing free flow of foot traffic through the system, including easy access for prams and wheelchairs. The system will not slow the entry or exit of large crowds, nor will it inhibit the timely evacuation of pedestrians in case of an emergency. The addition of the access gate segments allows for fast entry of emergency vehicles.

Completely Portable

Rapid Stop Barrier is freestanding and unanchored, which allows easy installation for temporary applications.

Disabled and Emergency Access

Rapid Stop Barrier’s low height module allows for easy disabled access, whilst the innovative gate solution simplifies emergency services ingress and egress.

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